Mining Recruitment: Re-Imagined.

MININGRECRUITER has brought mining recruitment into the 21st century.  Leveraging a 10+ year track record in International Mining Executive Search, MININGRECRUITER is the newest offering from the Mining Recruitment Group of Companies (MRG).

With the launch of MININGRECRUITER, a technology-driven contingency mining recruitment agency, we are able to draw on our extensive global connections and specialist mining expertise to provide full-cycle recruitment solutions on an as-needed and treasury friendly basis for mineral exploration and mining companies.  We also partner with other independent and boutique mining staffing companies giving our Clients the benefit of multiple recruiters pooling their resources and contacts to ensure the best candidates are sourced for each mandate.

Unlike other recruiting firms, MININGRECRUITER doesn’t just rely on its own network, they also open up their mandates to other specialist recruiters, all competing to fill your role. Why work with multiple firms independently when you can work with one, that will open up your mandate to a network of specialist recruiters for you?

Specialist Contingency Mining Recruiters

Our mining recruitment consultants are known throughout the industry, and have an impressive track record of locating the skilled people that can immediately make a difference to your company. Through targeted outreach and focused advertising campaigns, coupled with exposure to our network of mining professionals that has been amassed by over a decade in international mining search, the consultants at MININGRECRUITER have the ability to break into the inner circles of the industry, to locate, evaluate, and align qualified professionals for our clients.  We provide full cycle recruitment services to our clients and do so, based entirely on results.  On this basis, we only take on assignments in which we are confident we can deliver on and it’s in our interests to generate results quickly.  The best part is, it costs our clients nothing to compare our recruited candidates to those already being considered through an internal process.

Mining Recruitment, Unbundled:

Advertised Selection

A flat-fee, unbundled and professionally managed service allowing our mining clients to save time and money by only selecting from among the best that applications have garnered. We conduct targeted recruitment marketing efforts on your behalf and provide to you the best of the responses.

MININGRECRUITER only deals in the top 5% of responses for each posted position. Our focus is on senior technical and professional mining positions, including geology, engineering, operations, investor relations, corporate development, project management and finance related positions. allowing our Clients to have the most important aspect of the process guided by experience mining recruiters.

We leave the scheduling, advanced interviewing, selection, reference checking and negotiations to our Clients; our only focus is on delivering talent through targeted recruitment campaigns.

Employers wanting to learn more about our services, are invited to GET IN TOUCH to have a representative contact you.

Currently, MININGRECRUITER has a presence in Vancouver, Toronto and Australia though our network of mining professionals is truly global in nature.

Certain key roles require an intensive and dedicated search process to be conducted, regardless of the market. In situations like that, our sister company, The Mining Recruitment Group Ltd.  is available to help.